Integral Dental Unit

Dental Chair, also called the surgical dental chair, is one of the most indispensable pieces of dental equipment in the dental practice. The dentists usually regard it as the international celebrity dental chair, because of its significant functions. It not only provides the dentists with a great surgical environment but also helps to ease the nervousness of the patients.

The Dental Chair Parts Description

To help the dentist complete the surgery perfectly, the dental chair usually adopts most dental chair accessories. The major parts of the dental chair include dental chair headrest, dental chair spittoon, dental chair foot pedal, focus dental x-ray unit, and so on. Each part of the dental chair presents its benefits in the dental surgery practice.

●Dental Chair Foot Pedal: It is an essential component that ensures the proper operation in the surgery. With the corporation of the foot, the dentist could use the dental foot pedal to control the speed of the dental handipiece. It also plays an important role in controlling the water output of the dental chair.

●Dental Chair Spittoon: The spittoon is a container that is made with porcelain. Usually, it is removable and autoclavable. The main usage of the dental chair spittoon is to let the patient rinse and salivate during the surgery process.

●Saddle Stool Dental Chair: The saddle stool dental chair is specially designed for medical workers. The saddle stool correct the movement at the hip, instead of bending at the waist. Also, It also provides the dentist with a relatively comfortable operating posture which lets the dentist practice efficiently.

●Focus Dental X Ray Unit: The focus dental X ray unit is used to help the dentist check the health condition of the tooth root and bone surrounding the tooth. Therefore, the X ray unit is a helpful tool for dentists to know the health of the tooth of the patient.


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