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Chuangxin's Development Process-The Legendary Story of China's Dental Industry

Foshan Chuangxin has experienced rapid development in recent years and is called "mythical growth" by the dental industry.


Chuangxin was established in September 2006. At the beginning, the company had a total of only 13 people, covering an area of less than 1,300 square meters.


In March 2007, the company's integral dental unit successfully obtained the product registration certificate. The sales volume in the first month was 30 units, the second month was 78 units, and the third month was 126 units... Just one year later, monthly sales volume reached an astonishing 300 units.


In 2009, Chuangxin’s air compressor was successfully launched on the market. In the same year, the company successfully passed the ISO13485 international quality system certification, the products successfully obtained the European Union CE certification, and the products successfully entered the markets around the world. At the same time, the plant area has reached 4,000 square meters and the number of people has reached more than 60.


In 2012, the company's business continued to expand and the plant area reached 10,000 square meters. The production capacity reaches 1,200 units/month.


In 2021, through the continuous efforts and improvement of the Chuangxin team, the production capacity reaches 1,800 units/month.