What is Dental Curing Light?

A dental curing light, also known as a dental curing lamp or dental curing device, is a specialized piece of equipment used in dentistry for the polymerization or hardening of dental materials, primarily dental composite resins. Dental composites are tooth-colored materials commonly used for restorative procedures such as dental fillings (composite fillings), dental bonding, and the placement of veneers.

What are the Use of Dental Curing Light?

As a special light, a dental curing light is an essential tool used in various aspects of dental treatment. Here are the main uses of the dental curing light:

Composite Fillings

Dental curing lights are commonly used to harden or polymerize dental composite materials used for tooth-colored fillings (composite fillings). After the dentist places the composite material in a prepared tooth cavity, they use the curing light to quickly and effectively harden the material. This ensures that the filling becomes durable and stable, allowing the patient to bite and chew immediately after the procedure.

Dental Bonding

In dental bonding procedures, dental curing lights are used to bond composite resin to the tooth surface. This can be for cosmetic purposes, such as reshaping teeth or closing gaps, or for restorative purposes, such as repairing chipped or fractured teeth.


Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin used to improve the appearance of teeth. After the veneers are applied to the tooth surfaces, a dental curing light is used to cure and harden the bonding material, ensuring a secure and lasting attachment.

Orthodontic Procedures

In orthodontics, dental curing lights are used to bond orthodontic brackets (braces) or attachments to the teeth. The adhesive used for bonding requires polymerization with the curing light to secure the brackets in place.


Dental sealants are protective coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of molars to prevent cavities. Curing lights are used to harden and set the sealant material after it is applied to the tooth surface.

Repair of Dental Restorations

Dental curing lights can also be used to repair or modify existing dental restorations, such as fillings or crowns. When adjustments or additions are needed, the dentist can use the curing light to ensure proper hardening of new composite material.

Orthodontic Retainers

After the fabrication of orthodontic retainers, curing lights are often used to set and harden any acrylic or composite components used in the retainers.

Temporary Crowns and Bridges

In some cases, dental curing lights are used to set temporary crowns and bridges in place until permanent restorations can be fabricated.

Periodontal Procedures

Some periodontal treatments involve the use of dental curing lights to cure and harden materials used for procedures like gum tissue recontouring or pocket reduction surgery.