DTC Series

What is Dental Dtc?

The dental dtc is a series of dental chair unit in CX. It is one of the most innovative clinic chairs in the dental industry. This series of clinic chair can surprise dentists with its advanced functions and perfect chair design. The dtc325 dental chair is an integral dental unit that has a complete series of dental equipment. It includes an imported solenoid valve, suction holder, foot pedal, intelligent voice-controlled system, and water pipe disinfection system. The dtc326 dental chair unit is a children dental chair that have cute design to comfort the children emotion. The dtc326 dental chair unit consists of multi-function foot pedal, led operation lamp with sensor, built-in floor box, 24V DC motor, movable tool tray.

In this category, we have the dtc325 dental chair, dtc326 dental chair unit, dtc327 dental chair unit, dtc328 dental unit, and dtc329 dental chair. With the excellent performance, the dtc dental chair price still is friendly for the clinic and hospitals.