Foot Pedal

What is Dental Foot Pedal?

A dental foot pedal is a device used in dental offices and clinics to control various dental instruments and equipment through foot-operated switches. Dentists and dental hygienists use foot pedals to free up their hands for performing procedures while conveniently activating or deactivating specific tools and functions.

What are the Uses of Dental Foot Pedal?

With the advanced and convenient design, the dental chair foot pedal can be used for achieving several operations.

Dental Chair Control

Dental chairs often have foot pedals that control their movement, allowing the dentist or dental assistant to raise, lower, recline, or tilt the patient chair as needed for better access during examinations and procedures.

Dental Handpiece Control

Foot pedals are used to control dental handpieces, which are the handheld tools that dentists use for tasks like drilling, polishing, and cutting teeth. By pressing the foot pedal, the dentist can activate or deactivate the handpiece, allowing for precise control during procedures.

Suction and Saliva Ejector Control

Dental operators use foot pedals to control the suction system and saliva ejectors. This helps remove excess water, saliva, and debris from the patient's mouth during treatments, ensuring a clear working area.

Ultrasonic Scalers

Foot pedals can also be used to control ultrasonic scalers, which are instruments used for dental cleanings to remove tartar and plaque from teeth.

Curing Lights

Some dental procedures, like tooth-colored filling placement or dental bonding, require the use of curing lights to harden dental materials. Foot pedals may be used to activate and control these lights.