CX Series


  • Power supply: AC220V, frequency: 50Hz;
  • Input power: 680VA;
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 135KG;
  • Headrest telescopic range: 120mm;
  • Backrest backward range: 115~180 degrees;
  • The highest height of cushion from the ground: 780mm;
  • The lowest height of cushion from the ground: 400mm.

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1. Base

Steel paste with 13mm thickness.

2.Built-in or External Floor Box

3.PU Cushion

4.New Type Front Cover

5. Tool Tray

Tool cart is movable and lock-up available,with 6 instrument holders.

6. Silicone Pad For Tool Tray

Silicone pad which is autoclavable, its maximum bearing temperature is 135℃.

7. Assistant Tray

Intelligent key-touch assistant control system.

8. Stainless Steel Tray

Ceramic cuspidor, with 180 degrees rotation.

9. Stainless Steel Tray With Silicone Pad

10. Unit Box

11.Ceramic Cuspidor

Ceramic cuspidor, with 180 degrees rotation.

12.PU Bending Plate

PU bending plate with 26mm thickness.

13. Foot Pedal

14. LED Operation Lamp

New sensor LED lamp,the handle can be removed for disinfection and the lamp is with 360-degrees rotation.

15. Motors

24V DC motors from China.

16. Tubes

PVC air and water tubes.

17. Dentist Stool

Big side dentist stool.

18. Complete Production Photos

Big side dentist stool.

Standard Specification:

4 hole high-speed handpiece tubing with connector 2 sets;
4 hole low-speed handpiece tubing with connector 1 set;

3-way syringe (cold and hot) 2 piece;
Adjustable headrest 1 set;
Double armrest 1 set;
Movable tool tray 1 set;
6-posistion for handpiece,syringe, scaler and micro motor  1set;
Suction and saliva ejector 1 set each;
LED operation lamp with sensor CX-209  1 set;
American style lamp arm 1set;

Build-in model Lcd X-film viewer 1 set;
24V DC motors 1 set;
Assistant tray with touch control  1 set;
Water purified system 1 set;
Water heating system 1 set;

Water bottle 600ml 1 pcs;
Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system 1 set each;
Ceramic cuspidor with 180-degrees rotation 1 set;
 Multi-function foot pedal CX-106 1 set;
Dentist stool 1set;
PU cushion 1 set;
Solenoid valve  2 pcs;
ABS plastic covers 1 set;
PVC air and water tubes 1set;
All kinds of copper valves 1set;
Chair without safety system;
Chair without linked movement chair frame;
Packing size: 142*100*120CM;

Gross Weight: 260KG.